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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa For those that don't want to read this review I'm just going to tell you the bare minimum of what I think: This book was epic in every way. I highly encourage it - highly!!Immortal Rules is so hard to summarize, so I'll leave it up to Goodreads for that. I tried describing it to my friends and they laughed at me. But here's my feelings.I stared at the back cover of the book in awe, just like "this book cannot be over." I cried, laughed, and shook with fear. I love each and every one of the characters in the book (you know, except for the evil dude). Oh, and Team Zeke! Allie is one of my favorite females and characters of all time in a book, or anywhere actually. She is so witty and I love that she doesn't want to be a vampire or a least the ones we picture. She is a free spirit and is willing to do pretty much anything to help her friends. She is such a strong character and with other amazing supporting characters that you will also love like Kanin, Zeke, and Caleb, this book is so plot driven but character driven. The plot will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. So, quit reading my review and go get this book! My goal tomorrow will be to explain it better so my friends don't laugh at me so they will read it; they need to read it.