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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I think it's about time that I give this book a proper review. I've been thinking about it a lot for some reason, maybe it's about the whole banned books ordeal. I don't like this book. At the beginning, I thought it was okay. Sure, it gave me feels. But something didn't click. Something was missing that I knew I didn't like. I might have realized what it was...I don't like Eleanor. In fact, she is just plain irritating. Now, I give her some room because of her icky situation. But, overall, she lacks just about everything that I would like in a character. She doesn't rise up. Little to no character development. Park was amazing, he grew up, he experienced new things, he grew (his chapters lacked a lot though). Eleanor was stuck on a flat path, heading nowhere. To be honest, why was Park even there? I would've left her a week after the bus. That's another. The romance is...just...what. I thought it was going to do something for me. It's contemporary, and therefore has 300 pages to focus entirely on this. But, it still developed way too quickly. It probably would've been better if her and Park were just friends and the bullying plot was the main one. Their romance lacked so much (mostly authenticity). I just wanted to know about who it was. And even saying all that, I still have no idea what it was missing. It was missing something though. Maybe it was a fixable thing, maybe not. I am going to read Fangirl though - because, it sounds like my life in a novel.