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The Selection

The Selection - First, I would like to say that I totally loved this book! I have no idea why so many people have given it such bad reviews. I really liked the writing. America is one of my favorite female leads in a YA book. She was very strong and opinionated, but you could still see she cared. By the way, I'm team Maxon!! Even after Aspen apologized, I didn't like him. I had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. Maybe it was because most parts of the book didn't include much talking with him. Anyway, Maxon is so much better. He is one of my favorite boys in a YA love triangle. Sure, America is a odd name for a character but I liked the explanation. I also thought the description of this future universe was very good. In case you missed it, China attacked America because of funds, then America became a state of China. Then, the European countries and the Chinese America attacked Russia. The guy that led the attack on Russia was the reason the country was named Illea. It actually makes more sense than some scenarios (I'm talking Divergent). So overall, this was a very good book. I read it in a couple hours while I was stuck on the interstate. Yes, the interstate was closed, I was on it at the time, and I decided to read. Total nerd here. But the book was so good and I'm looking forward to the second book and 2013 can't come fast enough. Seriously, so so so many wonderful books and movies in that wonderful year!!Just read the book. You'll probably like it.