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The Kill Order - James Dashner First, let me just say that I totally love all the other Maze Runner books in the series but this one just didn't follow up to suit. In this prequel, we are sometime after the sun flares at the beginning of the flare, which you would know if you read the series first. . I think that if you wanted to read this book before the rest of the series, there is nothing to spoil you but I don't think that this is the best of James Dashner's writing and that it is easier to read if you know what is happening.The main reason I wasn't a huge fan of this book was, well, the lack of plot. Sure, the book does follow some possibly very interesting characters. However, they have very little plot or dialogue. I never really felt a connection between any of them. Around 94% of the book was just confusing action sequences, most of which I skimmed. It made the book very hard to read and hard to follow. If it was less action and more story line, I think that it would be one of my favorites. Also, did we actually figure out how the maze was created? Maybe, I was just lost (which is a very good possibility). Overall, I would suggest this book to those who like their action or have read the entire series before.