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I love books, mostly young adult!

Crossed - Ally Condie THIS WAS SO AMAZING! I have never read a book so fast in my life. The book picks up where Matched left off, Ky is sent to the outer provinces. When I opened up the book and saw that you saw both Ky AND Cassia's point of view, I was kind of nervous. I don't really like that type of writing; one of the main points why I don't like (book: The Lost Hero). I love Indie, a girl that travels with Cassia on her adventures to the outer provinces. She is so in depth and I really want to know what her story is. She seems very determined and almost the opposite of Ky in every way. Eli, a boy that Ky travels with, is also very interesting. He seems to grow up throughout the story and I really like how Ally captures that. Vick, the other boy that Ky travels with, seems like a good friend for Ky. I see a lot of Xander in him. However, the one character that got on my nerves the entire book would have to be Ky. After reading this book, I doubt Ky actually loves Cassia. TEAM XANDER! Ky totally did everything in his power to keep Cassia from reaching her dream of joining the Rising. It gets on my nerves so much! I almost threw the book across the room! In the end, it leaves me wanting the last book so bad. I have to wait another year!! :(