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I love books, mostly young adult!

Reached - Ally Condie This was a perfect ending. Ally Condie really knows how to make everything in all the other books come together, as if she was planning every word specifically for its purpose in this book. The new characters are amazing and even though we are only with them for one book, they really do have such a connection on you. The point of views from Cassia, Ky, and Xander are also one of my favorite parts. Since they all have different journies, we don't have to wonder about what they are each doing. Their parts also come together and are interwoven between each other. It really makes you like each of these characters more, so even if you are team Ky or Xander, you still respect the other for their decisions. The plot is brilliant. I wasn't sure what I was going to get from this book. I'd read the summary and I knew the rest of the series. When I got the book, I was wondering about what they could've put in this book to make it so huge. However, this is such a gripping book that keeps you on your toes as new problems arise within the Rising itself. The book provides a great amount of detail and I love the way the Rising and the Society are connected (I won't tell more than that!) I was very happy with the way the series ended, leaving no gaps in the plot and more filled than I ever could've wanted, but I was perfectly okay with that! The only thing that I would suggest doing is maybe a quick reread through Crossed because it took me a while to catch up with all the characters and little plot points. If you were worried about this book because of Crossed, I totally think this makes up for it!