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Requiem - Lauren Oliver This book...... it leaves you hanging. There is so much more that needs to be resolved and then it just stops! What happens to Hana? Who does Lena choose? Sure, it looked like she picked Alex, but we really aren't sure because then she sees Julian shirtless and starts staring at him. Plus, the whole time in the Wilds he was there while Alex wasn't and if she did choose him, it doesn't make sense why so we needed some reasons. Did they even take the city? Besides, it's only one city. What happened to Lu? So many unanswered questions. However, Lauren Oliver's writing is so pristine. I love how Hana and Lena's style is distinguishable, although I wish we did have more of Hana. The two POVs seemed unbalanced and mostly Lena, although I did appreciate the attempts toward a Hana POV. It was a good book that desperately needs another one to follow up. I understand YA dystopian trilogies are popular right now, but a four book series would've done a lot of good for the series as a whole and made it seem like a more complete, finished work.