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Harken (Harken, #1) - Kaleb Nation My Kindle made this book way longer than it actually was, so thanks to my Kindle for making this book seem impossible to finish. But anyway, the review. I really did like this book, the idea was absolutely amazing and I would support a second book but the writing made it suffer for me. The great amazingment that this book could've been was hidden behind overly eloquent wording and sentence structure. The world of the Guardians is already difficult to fully grasp, and I didn't need all the other things to make it even worse. I feel like I skimmed way too much of this book. Some parts didn't make sense as a part of the story, and I think they should've been cut out. I love the idea of reading people's eyes and I wish I had it, but I feel like this should've been explored more. It was mentioned that other Guardian could do it, but all of them? Wyck certainly couldn't. A lot of skimming occurred in this book as well. Michael, as a character, was not particularly a character that I liked a lot. I found him one dimensional and the same cookie cutter type of character, like a Katniss or name another lead protagonist. I did love Alli as well as Thad (even though his name annoyed me to no end!). I also wish we would've known more about how he got to be the reincarnated kid, like how he was chosen for that. I have a lot of questions about this world, and that's the reason for the three stars.