Katherine Reads

I love books, mostly young adult!

Chomp - Carl Hiaasen I'm a huge fan of Carl Hiaasan's books, so naturally when I learned that he had a new book out I went to Barnes and Nobles to get the book and started reading the very next day. It is a quick read, especially since I'm older than the target audience. The book is about a kid named Wahoo, whose dad, Mickey, is an animal trainer. They get an offer to use some animals for the show Expedition Survival! which has the stupidest reality television figure ever named Derek Badger, who doesn't know anything about nature or survival. Along the way to the Everglades where filming is taking place, they meet a girl named Tuna who has an abusive father. They make their way into the Everglades where Derek seems to cause more trouble with his decision to use only wild animals, not the normal trained animals. The book ends with a crazy ending that includes vampires, angry dads with guns, and toes being blown off. Let's just say that it is a huge page turner. As far as other Carl Hiaasan books go, I think that this is one of my favorites. I would also suggest Scat if you like this book. I did like the book and it was a fun read.