Katherine Reads

I love books, mostly young adult!

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher This book was the most emotional book I've ever read in my entire life. The emotion that Jay Asher was able to convey was amazing. I've been lucky enough to never know someone that did take their life, but I would imagine that how I felt while reading this book would be the same way I felt. After every chapter, I would hope that Hannah would come around the corner, alive and well, but it never happened. I would always remind myself that she was dead. I cried a few times during the reading of this book, which took me about a day or so. Not because it was a short read, but because it was so amazing that I couldn't put it down. My friend had suggested this book to me and I knew it must be good because she does not like reading, so her reading a book was pretty amazing. I started it after reading a few reviews on the website, and seeing that people did not like her reasoning for killing herself, I started the book with that in mind. Most of the reasons were okay until the last two which I didn't really think fit who Hannah was but I guess that is what you think when you have these terrible thoughts.